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Frequently Ask Questions and the Answers:

Can a consumer install GWR's Stop Leak Plus?

This professional product is not a product that is a local auto parts store, DIY outlet or on Amazon.  It was developed for a professional HVAC mechanic with the proper tools and training, not like the competitive type products with plastic quick connect hose.  That being said, if you are familiar with A/C repair and have the required tools necessary to test and install the product correctly this is an easily installed product.   It no different than installing refrigerant oil into an A/C System with an inline oil injector tool, the type used by technicians for the last 30 years.  Additionally, you need a set of manifold gauges and possibly a pump to pull the vacuum for testing leak down time.

How does it work

GWR's Stop Leak Plus is an inert mixture of specific Super Oils and our proprietary Micro Particulate Solids. Once installed in a closed circuit, it disperses and diffuses throughout the A/C system where it remains in a suspension until needed. Based on several conditions present in the system (i.e. flow, pressure, venturi action around pin holes, etc), it seeks out leaks and migrates through small holes as exiting Refrigerant and oil creates little venturi like Black Holes of suction. During the migration through the hole, a particular size solid particulate finds it way into the hole, to form a plug that seals the leak. This "patch or plug" never hardens but remains pliable so it can flex with expansion and contraction of system.

How large a leak will it repair

In general, Stop Leak Plus is designed to seal an A/C system that has slow leaks, taking weeks or months to release gas. The system must be able to hold a vacuum pulled through the low side for 45 minutes, at a minimum. If the vacuum leaks out or changes, within an hour, the hole is generally too large to be sealed and manual repairs should to be made.

Will it seal evaporator leaks

Yes, plus it will also seal leaks in the condenser. Additionally, the special oils will rejuvenate the compressor and any connection hoses, including gaskets and o-rings.

How much do I use

A one gallon jug can provide enough liquid oil to seal up to 100 units and possibly more.  Sealing and conditioning one A/C system is based on the amount of Freon in that system.   If your system is determined to have a slow leak after inspection or vacuum is pulled and it still has a partial charge at service time, simply add ounces of Stop Leak Plus based on our formula.  Simply measure out an ounce of Stop Leak Plus for every 2 pounds of Freon, that would be 3 ounce for a 6 pound system, etc, etc.  Be sure to add the required amount of refrigerant until the system meets factory specs for a new charge while using the injector tool, or before injection if using our high pressure pump.

What residential and commercial products are available

We have formulas for all type of systems, home, commercial, chiller, heat pumps, walk-ins, industrial refrigeration, commercial frozen food equipment and pretty much any other refrigeration system.  All of our unique products are revolutionary and easy to use because they are all basically an oil based liquid.  Product specific versions for R22, R410, R-502 and most all other version are available in bulk single gallons, 5 gallons and even 55 gallons, for installation by professional service companies and redistribution packaging companies.

Is it available for both R-134A and R-12 systems

Yes! There is a Stop Leak Plus for both R-12 and 134A and the new 1234  gases, plus it works with blended refrigerants as well.  Be sure to specify either the R12 or 134A version when dealing with automotive applications, oil type must match system being serviced.


Recommended Installation Tools

"Basic Inline Injector"

Please note that if you don't have or can't borrow a professional installation tool like this one, it is nearly impossible to install GWR's
AC Conditioning Treatment, in a closed pressurized AC System.

Our product is not a "Do It Yourself" sealer with throw away, quick connect hoses like those the Auto Parts and HVAC wholesalers stores sell.  You need to control the amount of sealer that is installed, a pressurized can only disperses all or nothing and that is not good for the system.

For best long term results, retail consumers should have someone with professional knowledge and tools do installation service.


  Preferred Tool for Professionals...

"High Pressure Injection Pump"

This extremely high quality, professional high pressure pump is the best way for a busy technician to install our Stop Leak Plus.

Tools are available from GWR and range in price
from around $50 to $150 for the top end models.

Please specify R22 or 410 models or both
Note: Actual shipped tool may vary slightly from pictures.




"Stop Leak Plus"
AC Conditioning Treatment

Gallon of HVAC Stop Leak Plus

One gallon of SLP can treat 60 to 100 units,
depending on the size and amount of Refrigerant.



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