GWR's Revolutionary AC Stop Leak Formulation is 25 Years Old!

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Our goal, very simply stated, is to analyze an industry's problems... then create working solutions for those problems, marketable through OEMs, wholesalers and retail distribution channels.  Implementing GWR solutions will drastically reduce the overall net cost of replacement parts and the labor associated with many OEM service procedures.  Look at the products from the GWR line and you'll realize how "different" they really are; use them as part of your own quality service and the positive "difference" will reveal itself in your bottom line.

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For nearly 30 years we have been making Specialty Automotive and Industrial Products that meet and generally exceed the needs of service Technicians across the United States and the World.  Our Super AC Stop Leak Plus, just one example of our advanced technologies, is specifically formulated to repair existing leaks in A/C and HVAC systems.  Guaranteed not to harm a system, Stop Leak Plus provides an extra level of protection that lasts for years into the future.

Using our AC Stop Leak Plus will eliminate costly returns to a jobsite!



HVAC Stop Leak Plus
AC Conditioning Treatment

Gallon of HVAC Stop Leak Plus

Generate a new profit center by offering this
Revolutionary Conditioning Treatment.
Use just a few ounces while performing a
seasonal tune up or Refrigerant top off.



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