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#1 Selling Stop Leak for HVAC


Are you an HVAC Contractor or Service Company?

Do you enjoy carrying a variety of different Air Conditioning additive products,
with various prices and from multiple vendors?  What about the headaches of
forgetting to reorder service support products when you are low or out.

Wouldn't it be easier to have just one single treatment?

You really do owe it to yourself and to your customers, to add this program to your operation.
It will save you money which means more profit and better prices for your retail services.
Spend less to perform repairs, save labor time, eliminate inventory hassles, offer guaranteed
consistent OE quality and ISO integrity, plus put more money in the company's pocketbook.

Whether it's a needed tune up, or a repair, or a solution when someone can't afford a new
replacement HVAC system...  this is a "must have" service support product.

  Benefits of using our SLP Conditioning Treatment...
in every HVAC System

1.  It Lowers Temperatures
2.  Cleans Restrictive Oil Fouling
3.  Helps Kill Acid that Creates Holes
4.  Modifies Free Moisture in AC System
5.  Rejuvenates Rubber Seals and Gaskets
6.  Super Lubricates All Compressor Bearings
7.  Seals Micron Size Leaks in Metal Components
8.  Reduces compressor's electric power draw (Less Amps)

The Original and Only "Non Polymer" A/C Treatment

They'd all love to duplicate our exclusive formula,
fortunately for your sake and ours it's patented and protected!
Proprietary technology will prevent them from ever producing the
tiny micro particulate we rely on to seal the nearly invisible holes
in condensers, evaporators and other AC components.

Stop Leak Plus will not harden in the system!
Period!  No questions ask!  We guarantee it!

Our unique additive oils lubricate all moving metal parts in the AC system, while revitalizing O-Ring elasticity. More remarkably though, our added patented Micro Particulate Solids seal hard to find leaks in evaporators, condensers, hoses and other difficult to repair AC components. Don't spend hundred or even thousands to replace expensive parts only to find out you missed a small pin hole elsewhere and now all the new gas has leaked out.

AC Stop Leak Plus Treatment can be use as a tune-up conditioner during a Refrigerant top-off when components are in overall good shape.  Likewise use as a complete system rejuvenator when gas and oil are added, during a major repair or service.

Programs are available for all levels of distribution to professional technicians, from single cases for automotive applications to gallon containers for HVAC commercial use. We even offer the specialized tools needed for installation, simply scroll down the page to learn more about them.



"Stop Leak Plus"
HVAC Conditioning Treatment

Patented Stop Leak Plus is a non polymer formulation that has revolutionized the HVAC industry. It will eliminate the wasted hours and hours technicians usually spend tracking down leaks in a refrigerator systems. It is the "only" Conditioner Treatment with a built in non-clogging Stop Leak micro particulates!

The exclusive formula has been working to solve hard to find leaks for over 25 years and yes, it actually works without harming the system! Safe to use, economical and easy to use... it's your insurance policy in a bottle.

Three elements are necessary for Stop Leak Plus to work.... the Refrigerant, the system pressure and high velocity flow through the leaking hole. These actions are the "carrier" that deliver our unique proprietary Micro Particulate Solids to the point of a leak or leaks. When corrosion occurs small pin holes begins to open up in all systems, it's just a matter of time. Whether pre-existing or even in the future, refrigerant and some oil escapes through those hole at a rapid rate of speed. This flow creates a spiraling venturi action that pulls in some of the Stop Leak Plus particulates that are circulating throughout the system.

When our escaping molecules bombard the ragged edges of a hole they travel through the hole until one of the exact size approaches.  When it get sucked in but can not go all the way through, a perfect plug is formed, sealing or patching the opening. Of great importance, in contrast to competitors, our Stop Leak Plus particles were formulated to stay flexible and pliable after a seal is created. They will remain secure through years of on and off temperature cycles and vibrations in an HVAC system or automotive vehicle.

Stop Leak Plus HVAC Conditioning Treatment is the ultimate option when a customer says they can not afford an expensive repair. You will never walk away from a job without making a sale, especially when you're unable to find parts for an obsolete unit.

Gallon of HVAC Stop Leak Plus

  • Stop Leak Plus works in all HVAC Systems, use it with R22, 410 and others.

  • Stop Leak Plus is a permanent repair, it does not have to be add every new season.

  • Stop Leak plus will never harden in the closed loop system.

  • Stop Leak Plus does not react to moisture like other Stop Leak Products.

  • Stop Leak Plus is safe to use with all recovery equipment and installations tools.

  • Incredibly simple installation, just install Stop Leak Plus as you would oil.

Stop Leak Plus conditions and repairs condensers, evaporators, copper lines, coils, gaskets, valves, O-ring and more. No more hours of wasted time chasing down leaks with soap and water, or sniffers, or pressurizing with N2, or filing with dye and waiting a week to come back for another look.  All of the headaches are gone, never again will you waste time and money on ridiculous old fashioned ideas and



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