Professional AC Conditioning Treatment with our Non-Clogging Sealant

#1 Selling Stop Leak for HVAC



  Developed over 25 years ago...
we were the first and original.

GWR Specialty Product Company's

"HVAC Conditioning Treatment"
Do it all, for less than 1/3 their price!

Just add up all the combined costs for a conditioner, a surfactant,
a high tech compressor oil, an anti-corrosive, a seal rejuvenator,
a safe leak sealant, plus an expensive temperature lowering product...
and what do you have?

A net cost that easily totals $50, $70, $100 or more!
(I.E.  ClipLight, Calgon, E-Z, Ice 32, etc, etc)

So what should you do.....
to cut your costs and increase profits?

Just Call Us!
But only if you want "one" product that does it all,
1.  Lowers Temperatures
2.  Clean Restrictive Oil Fouling
3.  Help Kill Acid that Creates Holes
4.  Modify Free Moisture in AC System
5.  Rejuvenate Rubber Seals and Gaskets
6.  Super Lubricate All Compressor Bearings
7.  Seal Micron Size Leaks in Metal Components
8.  Reduce compressor's electric power draw (Less Amps)

and at 1/3 the price of copy cat brands.

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Call today, to purchase directly from the factory.

We guaranteed no other product on the market is more cost effective.
"NO" manufacturer has a lower cost per install, so ask up to prove it!

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The Only "Total" AC Conditioning System!
HVAC "Stop Leak Plus"

Gallon of HVAC Stop Leak Plus

Stop HVAC Leaks with Stop Leak Plus and you will never go back to searching for hours on end to find small leaks.  Do you ever really get paid for all that wasted time?

How about trying to sell a $1000 repair or a $5000 to $10000 system...
to someone that can not afford it?

This product is the answer, plus it only takes 5 minutes to install!


In 25 years, our patented solids technology has never cause a clog, stoppage,
or damage of any kind...  to AC systems or AC equipment used by technician.

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