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HVAC Conditioning Treatment & Installation Tools

Our conditioning treatment is in liquid form, for a couple of very important reasons.
We don't harden when exposed to air or moisture, so we don't need to come in those "expensive" little single application cans.  That is of significance because each system is a different size, especially when you are talking about the amount of refrigerant.  By measuring the amount of treatment you needed, rather than just dumping in a can that may be to much our to little, you balance the system you're working on and do the job right... the first time.



Air Conditioning Treatment

Gallon of HVAC Stop Leak Plus

One gallon of SLP can treat from 60 to possibly 100 units!
(Depends on the unit size and amount of Refrigerant)

Imagine the hassles of purchasing and handling 60 plus aerosol cans or plastic bottles or syringe tubes... of less effective products like Clip-Lite, Calgon, Leak Freeze, Red Angel, etc, etc, etc.

Now imagine paying more than "twice" as much for them!
(Just multiple 60 times $40 and you are literally at $2400)



 Recommended Installation Tools...
for our AC Conditioning Treatment

"Basic Inline Injector"

Simply hook this style inline injector to a manifold gage set, the hose end to the low side gage fitting and then your low side fill hose to the ball valve on the other end.  Fill the canister with approprate amount of Conditioning Treatment, After bleeding


Our preferred choice of installation...
for Professional Operations

"High Pressure Pump System"

This extremely high quality, professional high pressure pump is the easiest way for a busy technician to install our Conditioning Treatment.  You simply fill the bottle every few days and then, inject, inject, inject.  Just screw the sure connector to a low side fitting, calculate the amount of liquid treatment needed and then pump a few strokes to inject into the system.  You don't need to bleed out air in the lines before each use, you don't need to clean after each use, you simply hang it back in the truck until next use.  In less than 30 seconds you can service an average size home HVAC system, it fast, convenient and easy to use.

Various tools are available from GWR and range in price
from around $50 to $150 for the top end models.

Please specify R22 or 410 models or both
Note: Actual shipped tool may vary slightly from pictures.


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